O band accumulation roller conveyor
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1, Roller conveyor  as a high-efficiency, high reliability, convenient combination of simple structure, conveying equipment, finished products are widely used in various industries, material handling, sorting and on-line operations on; often referred to as "drum line, roller line, Roller line roller-line "and so on.

2, Roller Type: No power, power, product release type. Power roller lines are: chain-type, PU belt, friction-type, "O"-shaped belt, electric and other drive mode; turning drum lines are: 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 180 °, "S"-shaped turn roller lines, and sub-merging institutions, automatic Transfer machines, while a special line roller shutter type.

3, Roller Material: Carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic bag, etc.; be divided into flat straight, flat pressure trough, cone-shaped bend; power roller in general are: straight-sided single-sprocket (pressure tank), single-sided double-sprocket (pressure tank), double-sided single-sprocket (pressure tank); drum at both ends of the internal adoption of precision bearings.

Technical parameters

                    Roller Diameter

                    50mm or customized

                    Roller Material

                    zinc-plated,Stainless Steel,Rubber

                    Roller Pitch


                    Frame Material

                    Carbon Steel

                    Conveyor Length


                    Conveyor Width

                    400-1000mm can be choosed based on your cargo's size

                    Conveyor Height


For the motor, bearing, electrical components, most we use the brand as below:
NSK or SKF Bearing
Siemens PLC and electrical components


This  automatic roller conveyor has high-effocoemcy, high reliability, convenient combination ,easy to install.It is widely used in various industries, material handling, sorting, online operation.
O Band driven rollers with low noise, controlled by PLC or  cylinder ,it is the best choice for logistic house-ware.

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