Inclined roller conveyor
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Used to unload cartons, packages from upper floor
1. help to reduce human labor
2. help to reduce working time
3. nice looks

Movable inclined double ranks pvc roller conveyor for unloading
Type: Roller type: No power, power, power free style
Powered rollers include: Chain, PU belt, friction, O"-shaped belt, electric and other drive mode
Roller width: 100-1000mm, can be customized according to customer specifications.
Structural materials: Tripod (Lighthouse): stainless steel, carbon steel spray, aluminum, etc
Side rails: Stainless steel, carbon steel spray, aluminum, etc.
Roller material: Galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, coated, etc. straight, flat pressure trough, cone turning ;single sprocket(pressure tank), double-stranded (pressure tank), double-sided single sprocket (pressure tank); roller ends use precision bearings.
Configuration: Fluorescent, gas line, tools hanging Road(hook ), process guidance bookshelves, dashboards, 10000 sockets, fans, lighting panels, etc for customers to choose.

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