Packaging line belt conveyor with worktable
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Belt conveyor take different weight goods through continuous or intermission motion. It is used in conveying different kinds bulk cargos, cartons and various bags, it is wide application.
1. The belt can be from rubber, rubber & plastic, PVC, PU ect,. This belt can be used not only for normal item conveying, but also meet requirement with oil resistance, corrosion resisting, anti-static. Food grade belt usually be used in food, pharmacy, daily chemical industry and so on.
2. The structure of belt conveyor : groove belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, turn belt conveyor ect., it can add baffle plate, side and other accessory . With working plate, lamp holder, it can be for electronic instrument assembling and food packing of assembling lines.
3. Driving way: reducer motor driving,, electronic roller driving.
4.Speed regulation : frequency conversion, stepless speed change
5.Frame material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
6. Character of equipment: It conveys steady and no relative motion between materials and belt, avoid to damage for materials. With lower noise compared with the other conveyors, the belt conveyor is more suitable for quiet place; simple structure , convenient maintenance; less energy and cost.


1. Belt width can be customized ;
2. Easy to install, simple assembly line with guide frame and light tube;
3. Suitable 750mm height for worker;
4. Independent work tables for many workers;
5. Easy maintenance and keep cleaning ;
It can be applicated for electonics(for example: mobile phone, cable, earphone, battery, mp4, watches...), pcb, chips, mini boxes, mini ESD trays, toys, decorations etc.

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