Truck loading& unloading belt conveyor
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This equipment is mainly used for loading and unloading container trucks. It is widely used in bagged products, logistics distribution centers, postal express tires and other industries.
Telescopic belt machine adds a telescopic mechanism to the ordinary ribbon conveyor. So the conveyor can flexible on the length direction freely to achieve the effect of controlling conveyor length at any time. If add a lifting device at the bottom of the machine, users can also control the end height of the conveyor at any time.
The telescopic belt conveyor can be used separately to finish loading and unloading goods in both forward and reverse directions.
We can add four legs on the equipment to meet the different height of containers and trucks.
Increasing material handling efficiencises in loose loading and unloading of trucks by up to 50%, offering rapid return on investments. Adjustable speed from 10-40m/min Easily moved and relocated for multi-door applications (unlike telescopic boom conveyors).
Side plates manufactured from high quality, bright zinc plated steel plate with ribbed design to ensure maximum strength and durability.
Fully bolted design - not riveted.
Large, welded steel handles, powder coated in Yellow, provide positive grip points for safe and easy manoeuvring of conveyor.
All support legs have welded braces for additional strength and rigidity.
Skatewheel Axle Support - jig welded and spanning the conveyor width, our one-piece “Constantly Vertical” all steel skatewheel and axle support ensures maximum strength throughout.
Handling bar code scanning.

Technical parameters

Belt   Width


Belt   Type

5mm   thickness good grip green PVC belt

Belt   Speed

10-22m/min,forward   & reverse

Belt   Motor


Lift   Motor

2.2kw   (manual lift available)

Lift   Structure


Extendable   Length


Adjustable   Height


Folded   Height


Control   Box

OFF/ON,Forward/Reverse,Up/Down,Emergency   Stop,Function Switch,Speed Knob,LED Display

Inside   Truck Part

4m   powered extendable rollers or 6m gravity extendable wheels

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