V type chain plate conveyor for soft bags
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It uses a large and special pitch chain to conveying, makes  metal, plastic, wood panels for the cycle to run, often called "Chain Plate line, partition line, board chain line, wood plate line, etc. It is generally used in heavy goods transport and assembly work on site, the maximum load per meter up to around 1000Kg, is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, home appliances ,etc.


Fabricated chain plate, aging-chain plate, independent transmission type, transmission type, etc. angle.
Chain plate width: 300 ~ 2000mm, can be customized according to customers’ requirement.
Structural materials: Tripod (Lighthouse): stainless steel, carbon steel spray, aluminum, etc.
Side rails: stainless steel, carbon steel spray, aluminum, etc..
Configuration: fluorescent, gas line, tools hanging Road (hook), process guidance bookshelves, dashboards, 10000 sockets, fans, lighting panels, etc. for customers to choose.
Conveyor speed: speed of the beat run, constant speed operation, adjustment range is typically in the 0 ~ 25M/min, the other can be customized according to customer specified speed

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