Plastic mesh wire chain plate conveyor for biscuits
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The mesh belt machine is applicable to transport the goods whose bottom is flat.For example:electronic, beverage, food, packaging, machinery, electronics, light industry, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, logistics etc.
Material of frame: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum etc.
Material of mesh belt: PP,POM, PVC etc.
Driven style: gear motor drive
Composition: plastic mesh belt, frame, bracket, driving parts etc.

Technical parameters

Made of food grade 304/304L stainless steel & food grade PP/POM; durable in use,safe for food conveying. It also suitable for conveying other materials;
Size can made according to customer's requirements;
Different types of roller
Speed can be adjusted by speed reduction motor or manual
Resist heat & cold;
Design and manufacture according to customer's requirements


It can form a complex logistics conveyor system and shunt mixing system matched with multiple conveyor line and other conveying equipment.
It has the big transmission capacity, quick speed and fast running features,also can achieve more varieties of shunt conveying.

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