Stainless steel chain plate conveyor for car parts
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The chain plate line is an abbreviation for a chain plate conveyor line or a chain plate conveyor.
The chain conveyor line can withstand large loads and long distances; the line body is in the form of straight line and turning; the width of the chain plate can be designed according to the customer or the actual situation. The chain plate is in the form of a linear chain plate and a turning chain plate. The main structural material is made of carbon steel spray or galvanized, and the clean room and food industry are made of stainless steel.
The plate chain conveying line adopts the standard top plate chain as the bearing surface, and is driven by the motor reducer as the power transmission, and runs in the special guide rail.
According to the different process flow, the chain plate line is divided into two types: turning and straight.
According to the chain material, it can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel and thermoplastic chain (the chain is a 2-inch single-sided ear chain).
According to the needs of your products, you can select the top plate of different widths and shapes to complete the requirements of straight line, turning, lifting and so on.
Chain conveyors are widely used in hardware, plastics, home appliances, ceramics, glass, food, logistics, electric power assembly, cosmetics and washing products.


The conveying surface of the chain conveyor is flat and smooth, the friction is small, the material transitions smoothly between the conveying lines, and can transport all kinds of glass bottles and PET.   Bottles, cans and other materials can also transport all kinds of bags.
The chain plate has stainless steel and engineering plastics and other materials, a wide variety of specifications, can be selected according to the transport materials and process requirements, can meet the various lines   Different needs of various industries.
Chain conveyors can generally be washed directly with water or directly in the water. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the needs of the food and beverage industry.
Flexible equipment layout. Horizontal, tilt and corner transport can be done on one conveyor line.
The equipment has simple structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

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