Spiral conveyor
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Spiral conveyor, is our common lines conveying equipment, roller, spiral conveyor can be divided into stainless steel roller screw conveyor, steel roller spiral conveyor, galvanized drum of spiral conveyor, pack glue spiral conveyor, unpowered roller screw conveyor, power roller screw conveyor and so on.

Advantages of roller screw conveyor:

1.Drum screw conveyor is divided into: unpowered drum type and dynamic drum type.No power type is mainly used for conveying carton, power type (speed control) is mainly used for beverage containers transport, concrete conveying material and technical requirements, use different can satisfy various industries box, package transportation.
2. Safe and reliable transportation, high efficiency, and truly continuous transportation function, it is the best vertical transportation equipment for up and down stairs.
3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance;Flexible equipment layout, can achieve different directions of import and export requirements.
4. Continuous and uninterrupted transportation with high efficiency.
5. The entry and exit direction of the roller type screw conveyor can be selected in many ways: the common angles are: 0 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree.

Technical parameters

Frame material

Stainless steel or mild steel

Loading capacity per meter

No more than 100kg

Speed fixed or adjustable


Tilt angle

7-15 degree




Up to 15000mm

Diection of inlet and oulet

Refer to following configuration

Surface treatment

Painting or mirror polishing

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