Plastic chain plate conveyor for boxes
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Slat chain conveyor adopts standard slat chain as the carrying surface, motor speed reducer as the power, running on the special rail. The conveying surface is flat and smooth. The friction is low. Materials can be transported smoothly among conveying lines. Based on different technological processes, slat chain can be divided into straight running type and flexible running type. Material of slat chain includes plastic steel and stainless steel. It is suitable to convey plastic bottles, glass bottles and ring pull cans. It can also convey cartons, and cargoes in bags. We can make slat chain conveyor multi-row that makes conveying surface very wide and produces a difference in speed, then the material can be transported from multi-row to single-row without squeezing. Also, we can make material transported from single-row to multi-row so as to realize storage of material while being transported.

Technical parameters

Chain pitch

25.4 mm ~203.2 mm

Chain plate material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, hot   plastic chain etc

Plate chain conveyor width

200 mm~800 mm(width >800 mm, it   can use double plate chains)

Transportation speed

0.4 m ~ 15 m/Min

Maximum weight of goods

800 kg/m2

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