Bag palletizing robot
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Gripper palletizing robot is composed by two parts ,one is Controller and another is the Manipulator.Palletizing robot can classify itself into three types: box palletizing, woven bag palletizing, bulk palletizing.
1.Box palletizing: it is used for packaging case palletizing.
2.Woven bag palletizing: it is applied for chemical fertilizer, fodder or flour woven bag palletizing.
3.Bulk palletizing: it is mostly used for construction brick palletizing.

Benifits of gripper palletizer robot for bag packing

1)This palletizing robot is widely used in Chemical,beverage, food,beer, plastic,air conditioner industry ect .
2)Automatically pack and stack the carton ,bagged ,canned ,boxed and bottled products .
3)The simple structure ,less components make it easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.
4)The Robot Palletizer takes less space and more flexible and accurate .
5)All the control can be implemented on the touch screen of the control box , easy operation .
6)The robot can work continuously for a long time, reduce a lot of labor and labor cost, more productive.

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