Coordinate palletizer
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This coordinate palletizer/depalletizer consists of a Z direction guiding steel column, X and Y direction suction plates. X and Y suction plates are 90 degrees angle to each other that install on the Z direction steel column. During machine running, a servo motor powers the column to turn 90 degrees angle on left and right, then X and Y plates move up and down on the column. When X plate picks product, Y plate picks layer pad, and so on, the palletizing/depalletizing cycle is completed. At the end of pallet conveyor, a pallet dispenser/collector always stands by.

Technical Parameter

Applicable Product

Tinplate made 2 Piece Can, 3 Piece Can and Aerosol   Can (Magnetic Suction)

Aluminum made 2 Piece Can, 3 Piece Can and Aerosol   Can (Vacuum)


3-4 layers/min*


200-500 kg*

Pallet Size

1000/800 x 1200 mm *

Palletizing Height

2000 mm *


8 kW

Compressed Air

0.05 m3/min

*Customizable according to customer's requirement.

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