Non power flexible expandable extendable roller conveyor
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  • Description

Expandable roller conveyor is one of the most common conveyors applied in conveying flat-bottomed items like cases, boxes and pallets. small, soft, or irregular items are supposed to put on trays or other flat containers. This kind of conveyor is characterized with large and efficient distribution, convenient connection to other lines and easy maintenance .
Self Tracking: Cartons follow the twists and turns of the conveyor path without using engineered curves.
Adjustable Height: Simply turn the locking knob to raise or lower the conveyor bed height.
Circle Tubing Legs: Welded double cross members with one/two vertical bar legs for heavier load, more stability and longer service life.
Side Links: Assembled with bolts and lock nuts without rivets.
Casters with brakes: Caster brakes lock both wheel and swivel simultaneously while the conveyor is in use.

Technical parameters

                    Product name

                    gravity flexible expandable   extendable roller conveyor


                    304 stainless steel


                    heat resistant, oil resistant,   acid resistant

                    Turning radius

                    900mm or customized




                    500mm, 600mm, 800mm or customized


                    300-1500mm or customized


                    all types of boxes, bags, trays   and other cargoes in packages

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