Flexible motorized roller conveyor
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  • Description

• Extendable with controllable conveying speed
• Adjustable supporting leg height,
• Having enough power supply by one mini motor per section
• It is well qualified to intensively transport goods especially with flat bottom in the warehouse, dock etc.
• Goods must be in flat or smooth bottom, typically in cartons or boxes.
• Could driven by motor

Technical parameters

                    Product Name

                    PP/PVC gravity fexible expanded roller conveyor


                    Double PP roller type


                    2000mm - 4800mm (6.6'-15.7')

                    2500mm - 6000mm (8.2'-20')


                    400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 18'', 24''

                    Height (Adjustable)

                    620-990mm (24.4''-39'')

                    710-1120mm (28''-44'')

                    Load Capacity

                    150kg/m (100lbs/ft)


                    Ø50mm PP Roller With Precision Bearing Inside

                    Key Word

                    roller conveyor equipment


• Use timbing belt to instead normal O type belt, so that quality is higher than normal maker
• Customized length
• Cost-effective proposal for reference
• Fast delivery
• Less maintance


1. Flexible conveyors are exceptional for truck loading and unloading, retail stores, shipping areas, loading docks and plant floors.
2. Portable, expendable conveyors allow you to quickly create a temporary conveyor line where you require it. Just extend and curve the conveyor to meet your needs.
3. It makes skillful use of movement, expansion and compaction so that floor space required can be reduced remarkably.
4. It is self-tracking-cartons follow the twists and turns if the conveyor path without side rails or engineered curves.

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